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Customs Consulting

Knowledge of the legal field, in which a FEA participant functions, is one of the keys to the success of foreign economic activity. In today’s competitive market and increasing competition, efficiency and competitiveness of business often depends on the adoption of the only true solution, which depends on quick response to changing market trends, and legislation, subtleties of customs clearance. In such a situation an experienced professional advice can be urgently needed.

In modern logistic market customs consulting is a popular service among the companies, which have departments of foreign trade and customs clearance in their structures, as well as among companies, focusing exclusively on the core business and preferring to trust implementation of customs operations and procedures with its cargo to the customs broker – on the principle of outsourcing.

“UMAKS” LLC, being a customs broker, offers its customers services on customs consulting in the sphere of foreign economic activity. Our experts will consult You on the following issues:

  • Classification of goods in accordance with the HS,
  • Preparation an filing of documents for classification decisions,
  • Organization of import of goods in authorized capital of companies with foreign investment, as well as customs clearance of the goods,
  • Preparation an analysis of foreign trade contracts.

In addition, our experts will competently and quickly advise You on matters of customs clearance, passing of various customs procedures, legislation. As a customs broker we constantly follow the changes in legal documents, which allows us to provide our customers with complete and accurate information on matters of mutual interest, as well as to minimize the amount of time and material resources.