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Customs Clearance/Certification

Customs clearance is the process of placing goods and vehicles for the following foreign trade contract, under a customs procedure. Customs clearance can be carried out on one’s own account - by the participant of foreign trade transaction, as well as with the assistance of a professional mediator – a customs broker.

        Range of services in customs clearance is as follows:

Analysis of shipping documents
Classification of goods in accordance with Customs Commodity Codes
Declaration of goods, customs declaration processing
Submission of documents to customs authorities
Preliminary calculation and payment of customs duties and charges
Obtaining permits (including product certification)
        Advantages of customs clearance with the assistance of a customs broker

Professional representation of Your interests in customs;
High-speed of cargo handling and minimized paperwork achieved by electronic declaration;
Priority customs clearance submitted under the seal of the customs broker;
Financial and legal responsibility of the customs broker in front of customs authorities;
        In cooperation with us You may be sure that You are dealing with a reliable company and qualified staff.

        In case You need customs or import clearance services or have got any questions, You may call or fill in the form and our experts-consultants will answer all Your questions in relation to Your supply.


        UMAKS LLC provides services for certification of various products.

        We are sure that making use of our experience and capabilities of our certification department will help You to save time and reduce costs for customs clearance of Your cargo.

        With our help, without wasting time and effort, You can formalize:

Certificate of origin;
Certificate of state registration;
Product certification in accordance with GOST;
Expert opinion (cost, dual-purpose, ozone-depleting substances, alcohol content)
        Cooperation with us is:

Efficiency in order fulfillment
Individual approach to the client
Flexible price policy
Many years of experience