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Consolidated cargo

Air Transportation
         Along with cars and rail transportations, UMAKS LLC provides also air transportation. Air transport is an extremely urgent and demanded mediator in case quick delivery is necessary. Air transportation is especially relevant on intercontinental directions, because of the convenience and high speed of this type of vehicle.
         Solid work experience, gained by our company in the field of air cargo, allows us to successfully realize air-transportation from around the world and guarantee at the same time a precise coordination of actions of all the participants in the transport process, including airlines, brokerage houses, warehouses, airport administrations and etc. 

Road Trasportation
         Road transportation is the main direction of our company. Road transportation is the most convenient and economical mode of cargo transportation. It possesses an undeniable advantage, such as speed of delivery of goods from seller to buyer without intermediate reloading, an accurate personification of responsibility for each of the given goods, and a possibility of a high level of control over its condition and location during transportation.
         We realize transportation of small consignments in the system of delivery and consolidation of cargoes, which allows us to considerably optimize the delivery time of the party. Our partners are considered to be only tested and proven foreign motor companies. 
       We can make calculations if you'll send your request to [email protected] E-mail address. Our experts will contact You and will develop the best option of transportation. 

Transportation of consolidated cargo
        Transportation of consolidated cargoes is financially beneficial to the customers and is performed by all modes of transport. 
        UMAKS LLC offers its clients a full range of services for carriage of goods, including in itself such a demanded service at present, as transportation of consolidated cargo is. Sphere of the international transport is the main activity for our company. Over the years in this business we have reached certain professional heights, thus allowing us to be proud of our work. 
        Providing services for the timely delivery of cargo, we are entirely responsible for the whole range of works, started from the moment of accepting an order by our operators up to receipt of goods by the client in the final waypoint. 
        Operative Transportation of consolidated cargoes allows us to achieve profitable pricing decisions for each of our clients. We carry out transportation of Transportation of consolidated cargoes by air and land transport. Our company is responsible for the observance and fulfillment of all conditions in the contract. 
       The main aim and objective of our company is quality transportation of consolidated cargo with the exact observance of all deadlines established. 

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