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We offer freight services, warehousing and distribution, construction of supply chains.

UMAKS LLC - agent of DHL Express is a global leader in logistics owing to its full and balanced range of services.


A reliable partner for delivery of any type of goods at any distance, anywhere in the world. Our work is based on individual approach to clients.
We help our clients to improve their transportation networks and provide them a competitive advantage through more efficient and effective delivery of their products on the market.

Air Cargo Services
UMAKS LLC - agent of DHL Express and all airlines working in Armenia. We are leader in Air Transportation in Armenia. We are sending shipments more than 150 coumtries and bisiness destination and providing customized service to each customer.

UMAKS Global Forwarding is agent of DHL Express.

For Air Transportation services UMAKS LLC using network of DHL Global Forwarding.

Logistics and Ecology
At a constant need in case of complete and/or partial load, Multimodal transportation is becoming more popular – started with less subjection to final cost of the certain type of transport to changes in fuel costs. This means that multimodal transportations are beneficial not only from the standpoint of environmental conservation, but also from the standpoint of saving money for the organization of transportation costs.

UMAKS LLC - agent of DHL Express, company №1 in express delivery
As an international leader in the express service, UMAKS LLC will in a good time deliver Your departures practically anywhere in the world.

Methods of payment
UMAKS LLC offers flexible methods of payment of transportation of cargo. That flexibility makes it possible to issue invoices to the sender, recipient or the mediator.

Client Account Import-Express allows You to control all deliveries to Your address, herewith You receive one invoice for all items.