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Customs Broker

Customs broker is the person in the Republic of Armenia, realizing customs clearances and customs control, having obtained a license in accordance with the law, who acts with the instruction of the persons transporting goods – on his behalf. Corresponding to RA law “About Licensing” for the activity of the customs broker license is provided in a common procedure – by RA Ministry of Finance and Economy. Relationships between the customs broker and the person, represented (submitted) by him, are being regulated by RA Civil Code and the contract having been signed between them. Customs broker has the right to realize all the activities which arise from customs clearance requirements, as well as other brokerage operations, which refer to customs case – with the recommendation of the person being represented by him/herself and on the account of the expenses of the latter.

        Customs clearances can be realized on behalf of the customs broker only by the citizen of the Republic of Armenia, having received qualification of a tax professional, defined by sanction N02/1508 of “Ensuring the requirements of RA Customs Code 70th article, 2nd paragraph of 96th article and 117th article” on December 5th, 2000 by RA Minister of State Revenues.

        Information, having received from the authorizor, can be used by customs broker and his employees with an assignment purpose, exclusively for customs purposes. Information containing state, bank, trade, official secrets, are not subject to declaration and cannot be used by customs broker or his employees for the benefits of themselves or third parties, cannot be provided to third parties, including to state agencies, to the exclusion of requirements by law.