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Philosophy of the Company

At present transportation of goods is one of the most important components of successful business. Anyone, who has been engaged in the supply of goods, is well aware of the fact, as how important is for the goods to be delivered on time, without delays, in the integrity and safety, fully trusting in the transport company, to avoid any surprises in matters of certification of customs clearance of goods. That is why working in the field of transportation is connected with great responsibility. Understanding and accepting the importance of modern high-quality delivery of goods, freight forwarding company “UMAKS” has developed its own approach to this type of activity.

Selection of Optimal Solutions

Company “UMAKS” offers various types of transportation and has a wide geography of routes. However, the primary goal of our company is precisely to develop the most optimal variant for a particular purpose.

Individual Approach

Perfect execution of order of any complexity is guaranteed by the development of individual concepts of the task. Individual approach to execution of each order allows you to select a vehicle, most suitable for the transportation of this type of cargo, taking into account the point and time of delivery and to relieve the customer from unnecessary time and cost. 

Long-term Cooperation

Policy of the company “UMAKS” is based on maximum accordance with the requirements and demands of its customers, that is why optimal system of working with clients for us is a long-term cooperation. Working with regular clients, we develop an individual service concept, characteristic to each of the individual companies. This allows to fulfill orders for freight for several times faster and more effectively, to reduce time, spent on the development of routes, and to reduce the financial cost of cargo transportation.