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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is quite a specific sphere of logistics activities. It involves working directly with customs authorities in the regulated legal field. In most cases, it’s quite difficult to organize the customs clearance within the company, as it requires large financial and labor costs. In this regard, more and more companies resort to the help of professional customs brokers.
        Since the foundation of the company, we have gained rich experience in working with different groups of goods, have formed a strong team of professionals and established strong business relationships with our partners in the country and abroad. 
        Our company is engaged in customs clearance of goods for more than eight years. UMAKS LLC is the first company registered and received a license of customs broker in the territory of Armenia. 
        Our prices are competitive and are the average in the market of custom services on customs clearance. Our company has got the possibility of offering the client the optimal price for him/her, depending on the dynamics of cargo turnover and product lines.